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MASQUERADE: Remove the masks to be free and embrace our light

The following is an excerpt from The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power and Awareness, by Jacqueline Ripstein

“The world is a theater curtain behind which they hide the deepest secrets.”
Rabindranath Tagore

Life is a grand stage where humans appear.
Seconds and minutes pass, turning into years.
Civilizations leave their footprints.
Every action we make leaves an energetic print.
We are actors and actresses in the great theatre of life itself.
Tragedy and comedy are opposites, and we are here to experience it all.
We are eternal students because knowledge is so vast.
Teachers continue being students.
We are the directors, producers, and actors in the stage of our life.
The wardrobe changes, but the performance and feelings of the
human being remain the same.
Life is a tragedy for those who prolong suffering.
And comedy for those who smile and rise above trials and dare
to be brilliant.
Stop repeating painful life lessons: learn the lesson and move on…
We are here to discover the reality of love…
Love needs no mask. 

Let the show begin—the tragedy, the comedy, the melodrama… All are episodes in the great theatre of life. This lesson will help you identify more clearly our illusory world and the ego’s many identities. It will help us expose our masks, discovering that behind all masks we often find fear and confusion. Without their shield we expose the real us. There is a very fine line that separates laughter and sorrow, comedy and tragedy, pain and suffering. To discover that line is part of our task. We mask ourselves as a means of protection—to conceal our fear of rejection and other painful feelings.

Many times we wear smiley-faced masks when everything in our lives is crashing down around us. The masks camouflage our fears of vulnerability, of failure, of shame, of low self-esteem. […]

Jacqueline Ripstein on 'The Art of HealingArt' –

1. When did you realize you were an artist?
Art has been my natural way of expressing myself. I always enjoyed creating. I’m self taught. It took me years to realize I was an artist, because I couldn’t separate the concept of being an artist and being «me.» I have always believed in Magic, since my dad gave me a wondrous wand when I four years old! Whenever I would sit and paint, it was as the magician was being awakened within me.
2. You are the first creator of Invisible Techniques in art ever…Why did you develop Invisible Art Techniques? And how do you perceive the Invisible in your art that you developed?
I dared cross the boundaries of the traditional art schools to create New Invisible Art Techniques© which I patented in 1986. My deepest desire has been to reveal the unseen dimensions and to offer a breath of hope to our humanity. To do this, I crossed the barriers from the Visible Dimensions to the Invisible Dimensions of Life, using color vibration as my guide. I have done this after years of research. I wanted to reveal our Inner Light and the Existence of the Light of Our Creator.
When I was a little girl, believing in magic, my wand and my brush transported me to the Invisible World.
I thank God for using me as an instrument to help reveal our inner light through my art and books. My mystical path through the arts, along with a powerful inside force, moved me constantly to research a way to portray this Invisible world. I was seeking a path unknown to the arts, a new expression that could convey the inner and outer worlds of a human being. […]

The Art of HealingArt – Len Saunders

The Art of HealingArt
Posted on April 28, 2014

The following is an excerpt from The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power and Awareness, by Jacqueline Ripstein…..
The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power and Awareness is an extraordinary one-of-a-kind transformational book that is an astonishing work on multiple levels-a pathway for instantaneous healing, a doorway for enlightenment and awakening, a revelation of the hidden world and messages around us, an oracle, a teaching tool of profound spiritual messages and a beautiful world of art. The patented and unique artwork in three wavelengths within the book’s pages is a catalyst to call the viewers’ body and soul to a higher vibration, resulting in a healing transformation that leading scientists have documented. According to Dr. Valerie Hunt, scientist and UCLA Professor Emeritus, “Jacqueline Ripstein’s enlightened message through art is the universal information needed to calm the current explosive turmoil of people around the world. Her Art combines composite artistic skills with crystal-impregnated paint to produce a luminescence beyond the light of the great masters. Her paintings are profound, full spectrum consciousness experiences.”
Notes world renowned painter, healer and author Jacqueline Ripstein: “With my art there is a moment of INSPIRATION, an impact, as the energy and higher octave vibrations are automatically transmitted to his inner self and his/her vibration is raised, going beyond the barriers of the mind. Each of my paintings acts as a mirror that reflects our souls and releases the true Inner Light reality within each of us.” The messages from 15 of Jacqueline’s paintings are thoughtful and thought-provoking, offering clues to personal metamorphosis. Lesson III is offered below.
Lesson lll
Everything flows out and in. Everything has its tides. All things rise and fall.
The pendulum swing manifests in […]

How To Unleash Your Creative Energy by Discovering Invisible Dimensions in Art

By Jacqueline Ripstein, the author of The Art of Healing Art – The Keys to Power and Awareness and the creator of the patented Invisible Art and Lighttech.© (pat.1986).

Throughout history Art has had great power to influence. Colors alone have been an expression and silent language of life, man, nature and culture. Every idea and sensation possesses a color…colors are thoughts! In essence there exists within each of us a rainbow array of emotions and ideas. Our ability to harness and ignite such emotions, ideas and passions can directly impact our creative energy.

Art in its many forms of painting, poetry, music, singing, architecture, writing, dance, sacred geometry, archetypes and theater are manifestations of creative forces at work. It is generally understood that ignited creativity brings forth inspiring and passionate art in all its forms. However, the even more exciting revelation is that, when we experience such inspired art, it has the power to unleash our creative forces for application in various other areas of life – including school, work, relationships and wellness.

There is a need to open our hearts and eyes to see and experience the colors of life, including those that are beyond the visible spectrum. In doing so, we can truly connect with our creative passions and potential. Art is an experience of the sublime, or the divine. It enriches our lives, and by inspiring us it raises our beings into higher states of vibrations, connecting us with our inner divine force. This, is the mission of Art, it touches us so we can raise our inspirational level and awaken the forces of creativity and consciousness.

The Violet Color
Violet is the color of seekers. It has the highest vibration of all colors and corresponds, in […]

Spiritual Life Magazine Issue 9

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The Healing Power of Art

By Beth Maxwell

Posted Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 02:24pm EDT

Keywords: Healing art

I’ve always been fascinated by the inner workings of the human mind and the deep connection of arts ability to stir something within our very being.  If you have ever attended an art exhibit of any kind and had that sense of being drawn in by a particular piece until you felt as if you were experiencing a strange connection with the art and/or artist because of the emotions evoked by simply gazing upon their work.

I was very intrigued by this press release and thought I’d pass it along to you as well:

Imagine a book that opens a window on a hidden world that is the key to what is beyond what we see and know. An Invisible World revealed in front of your own eyes. Now imagine a book with astonishing images in three different wavelengths and light frequencies that illuminate your soul and createinstantaneous uplifting healing effects. Lastly, imagine a book that you can open to any page, and see the exact right message for you at that moment to provide guidance and wisdom.

 The Art of HealingArt carries forth the authors lifelong mission to reveal the hidden language of the Universe which conveys knowledge, wisdom and healing tools for those seeking a way to get beyond their three-dimensional suffering, anxiety and limitations…and to live life in full spectrum!

 Says Jacqueline Ripstein, “Only those that see the Invisible, can do the Impossible!”

 The Invisible Art & Light Technique© (first patented in 1986) embodies new forms of expressions that project images and higher vibrations of the dimensions beyond our physical existence–and all that exists in higher planes–into our physical reality. The color vibrations in the book connect to the human energy […]

New Book Calls On Scientifically-Proven ‘Healing Art’ To Guide Readers In Finding Life’s Harmony


Written by internationally renowned and celebrated artist, Jacqueline Ripstein, ‘The Art of HealingArt’ offers a compelling synergistic approach to transforming anyone’s life. By discovering each of the book’s fifteen ‘keys’ hidden in the author’s stunning paintings, readers will turn the last page with the power to attain the high level of consciousness required to live in true harmony and joy.

Life has many lessons, though many are not easy to master. While a myriad of life coaches and celebrities claim to have answers, true enlightenment is often found in the most unexpected of places. Thanks to the release of a life-changing new book by Jacqueline Ripstein, true healing is now being imparted through exquisite art.

‘The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power and Awareness’ calls on Ripstein’s thirty-plus years as an inspirational artist whose work has been scientifically-proven to contain powerful healing qualities. Her latest book encompasses life’s whole journey, to share lessons ranging from love and pain to compassion and death.


Jacqueline Ripstein did something few achieve alone: she turned the ‘sicknesses of poor health and stress into an enlightening opportunity. Following three years of receiving and capturing lessons that compelled her to ascend into consciousness, she created ‘The Art of HealingArt’.

This powerful book will awaken any reader’s soul by using imagery to reveal fifteen ‘keys’ to power and knowledge. Encompassing life’s journey, the book helps readers unite with their spirit, awaken wisdom and limit negative thoughts in order to achieve mastery over all of life’s trials.

Shared through Ripstein’s own exquisite art, each of the book’s lessons form individual conduits of knowledge on the recognition of love, forgiveness and compassion. Each revealing a specific ‘key’ to growth, the book’s combined power will help anyone reach a […]

A Q&A With Jacqueline Ripstein, Author of The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power and Awareness

1. When did you realize you were an artist?   

Art has been my natural way of expressing myself. I always enjoyed creating. I’m self taught. It took me years to realize I was an artist, because I couldn’t separate the concept of being an artist and being “me.” I have always believed in Magic, since my dad gave me a wondrous wand when I four years old! Whenever I would sit and paint, it was as the magician was being awakened within me.

2. How does your inspiration come to you for each of your unique pieces? 

Once a moment of inspiration triggers me–it could be a song, theater, a moment of reflection, a dream, or even talking to someone about the deep matters of life–my need to create manifests.

I always put on a candle, incense and high vibrational music. I prepare my canvas, and when I take my brush, it’s as if a magic wand ignited! My eyes start twitching, and then it’s as if I leave my body. I am no longer aware of what I’m creating.  When I come back it could be moments or hours later. And when I look at the piece of art, I almost don’t believe I did it!

In the case of the book The Art of HealingArt, I could “hear” the dictation of the book. I found that each painting would take me to a different dimension, where messages were given related to the artwork.

I’m merely the tool, the brush the messenger–not the message. I work for God, and I serve Humanity.

 3. What prompted you to write this book?  

 A rare given gift was given to me during a time of a major health challenge—a time when I was also loaded […]

The New Invisible Art Techniques of Jacqueline Ripstein

The New Invisible Art Techniques of Jacqueline Ripstein

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! I used to sing this and dance to it when I was four years old. My father had given me the most wondrous magic wand made from cardboard and wrapped in aluminum foil. It sparkled like a star! I believed in magic – my wand and my paintbrush transported me to the Invisible World. I lived then, and still live now, with wonder and excitement. Life for me is a magical journey, where Art is my expression of gratitude to Life. Art has long been both an inner need and something that has led me to growth and fulfillment in my life. Before I start to paint, as an act of reverence I always light a candle and pray to be guided by the Divine.

I could never have imagined that during my artistic career a mystical journey would unfold before my eyes. That I would work with certain unseen and higher dimensions of energy and colors. Visibility, after all, depends on the eyes of the observer and the instruments used. What we physically observe is very limited, which of course limits us in viewing the vastness of Creation.

Thus, feelings, thoughts, and emotions may also be classified as existing within the “Invisible” fields. My goal in creating New Invisible Art Techniques has been to reveal these unseen dimensions and to offer a breath of hope to our humanity by showing from where we create our lives, as the inner Light beings that we truly are. “I have realized that my art becomes a doorway, a portal to Invisible realms, connecting the viewer to emotional healing and spiritual power.” To inspire people and help make a difference in their […]