Jacqueline Ripstein Healing Art Awakens the Eyes to the Invisible

Jacqueline Ripstein

Since she was a little girl growing up in Mexico Jacqueline Ripstein had big dreams of transforming the world through art that reveals the ultimate truths of our Inner Light and that of the Creator. As an artist, writer, innovator, public speaker, and activist, she is truly a remarkable pioneer in the healing arts and beyond. Consciousness and transformation, greater enlightenment and consciousness of all beings, world peace and unification of the collective, revealing unseen dimensions that influence all life, seeing and embracing Divine Light, raising vibrations and frequencies, heightening self-awareness and greater love…These are just a few intentions placed into all of Ripstein’s lifelong endeavors, yet these manifestations are most visible through her mesmerizing artworks.

Jacqueline Ripstein

Achieving the Seemingly Impossible with The Invisible Art Technique

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Yet, when first gazing upon the spectacular, multi-faceted artwork of Jacqueline Ripstein, one is likely to be left speechless. When I first watched a video highlighting some of her pieces, I managed to utter a ‘Wow!’ Goosebumps blanketed my skin while observing each piece literally transform into three distinctive images that ultimately merge when rendered under three differing light wavelengths – black, white, and all three combined. Magical and enchanting, these images are intended to ultimately reveal information that’s not initially ‘visible,’ and viewers immediately sense the power of change as the art beckons the subconscious to become more consciously open to ‘seeing’ the invisible beyond our physical realm.

According to Ripstein, “…only those that see the Invisible can do the Impossible. Peace is possible when we all realize our highest selves.” Her aspirations are to create pieces that transcend limiting thoughts and promote abundance, to cultivate art filled with inspiration and meaningful messages that resonate with vibrational energy, and awaken inner wisdom. The incredible medium that makes this magic possible is called The Invisible Art & Light Technique – invented and patented 30 years ago by the artist herself. Today, she utilizes this innovative technique to see her childhood dream come to fruition, and her healing art has dramatically affected thousands in highly transformational ways.

Jacqueline Ripstein

How Does this Art Help Heal and Transform Lives?

Over the years, several noted scientists around the globe have tested Jacqueline’s art and scientifically confirmed it’s vibrational qualities that can elevate viewers to greater states of heightened consciousness and promote healing! Time and time again, the results show a variety of effects experienced by those viewing these healing artworks. It is believed that the combination of the color vibrations and the surreal visual changes with the lighting techniques raise the vibrational frequency of the viewer. As you likely know, everything is energy, and we can use it to heal ourselves and others. The higher our vibrations, the more healing potential we have, and this artwork appears to indeed be a catalyst for healing a variety of mind/body/spirit imbalances.

Many viewers who underwent these scientific tests reported heightened states of consciousness, a greater feeling of peace, and a sense of being receptive to the higher vibrations of other dimensions while in the presence of these Invisible Art Images. Their emanation of high levels of energy allow one to align with higher electromagnetic frequencies that can open the doors to Divine insight and to connect with their soul within the Invisible and physical dimensions.

Want to See More Jacqueline Ripstein Creations?

Take a look at her works in this post’s video, or visit her website to see and learn more about this prolific artist at JacquelineRipstein.com. You’ll discover that Jacqueline’s vibrational healing art isn’t limited to works on canvas, and her collection also utilizes innovative media such as shells, linen, ceramics, folios, healing jewelry and much more!