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booksThe following is an excerpt from The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power and Awareness, by Jacqueline Ripstein…..

The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power and Awareness is an extraordinary one-of-a-kind transformational book that is an astonishing work on multiple levels-a pathway for instantaneous healing, a doorway for enlightenment and awakening, a revelation of the hidden world and messages around us, an oracle, a teaching tool of profound spiritual messages and a beautiful world of art. The patented and unique artwork in three wavelengths within the book’s pages is a catalyst to call the viewers’ body and soul to a higher vibration, resulting in a healing transformation that leading scientists have documented. According to Dr. Valerie Hunt, scientist and UCLA Professor Emeritus, “Jacqueline Ripstein’s enlightened message through art is the universal information needed to calm the current explosive turmoil of people around the world. Her Art combines composite artistic skills with crystal-impregnated paint to produce a luminescence beyond the light of the great masters. Her paintings are profound, full spectrum consciousness experiences.”

Notes world renowned painter, healer and author Jacqueline Ripstein: “With my art there is a moment of INSPIRATION, an impact, as the energy and higher octave vibrations are automatically transmitted to his inner self and his/her vibration is raised, going beyond the barriers of the mind. Each of my paintings acts as a mirror that reflects our souls and releases the true Inner Light reality within each of us.” The messages from 15 of Jacqueline’s paintings are thoughtful and thought-provoking, offering clues to personal metamorphosis. Lesson III is offered below.

Lesson lll


Everything flows out and in. Everything has its tides. All things rise and fall.

The pendulum swing manifests in everything. The measure of the swing to

the right is the measure of the swing to the left. Rhythm compensates.

The Kybalion

The boat symbolizes our journey through Life, our journey through

the physical world.

The ocean symbolizes Spirituality and Life.

A calm ocean represents a state of inner Peace and emotional balance.

A turbulent ocean symbolizes pain, anxiety, stress.

Life is a Spiritual journey.

seniorwoman2Life’s high tides and storms make us feel beaten. We may face death, loss of health, loss of wealth, feel pain or anger, or both. When we experience any of these tests, we often feel despair.

In this lesson we encounter our third level of awareness…Life itself! As we encounter Life’s many tests, we get closer to discovering our Spirit, our true self that lives in our Invisible World. When we awaken to know our Spirit, then the trials, storms, and tests of Life will not crush us. Our Spirit is Eternal and nothing can destroy it.

The tide represents the back and forth swing of emotions that we are constantly experiencing in our lives. Sometimes we find ourselves up, and sometimes we are down. The times that we are down represent an opportunity to move up again.

The ocean is Life and movement. The salt water of the sea is contained in our tears; it is the water of the maternal womb.

Take a moment to reflect. Breathe . . . reflect on the painting of Life. What do you see?

The sky reflects the forces of Light, Faith, Joy, and Hope. This Light is ignited within us. As we recognize it, we glean the knowledge that Life is worth living.

The wind blows slowly, caressing the water that moves with the flow of Life. The sun nourishes and gives Life to everything, including the ocean. The water comes and goes; the vast sea of Life rocks us with its flow. Emotions swirl, seconds pass, spring and winter, Life and Death. All endings represent a new beginning.

There is calmness, but suddenly chaos enters our lives, and we are not always prepared. The wind blows stronger and the waves begin to roar with force and rise with the invisible energy that drives them. A storm has been created. Its force destroys everything in its path. Life at that moment is testing us. Powerful, unconscious feelings arise and uncertainty or painful situations begin. The trials have started.

In this lesson we are receiving the “anchors” to avoid the drifting of “our boat” and our lives.

A storm is often necessary to unmask the ego, to destroy the masks that we have unconsciously created by our need to protect ourselves. We try to pretend that we are perfect as we cover up our fears of being judged or talked about by others. Our low self-esteem covers itself with a million masks. We disguise the greed, egoism, anger, rage, pain or hate that we may feel. A storm is needed to help cleanse all of this energy from our lives and unburden us. The destruction caused by the storm unmasks the world of illusions we have created and leads to the construction of a new Life.

seniormanGrowth requires forgiveness as we reconstruct our lives. First, we must forgive ourselves, knowing that we are doing the best we know how, accepting that we are the creators of our lives. Our “mistakes” are but guidelines leading us onto the right track. As we confront ourselves with humility, we must understand that all experiences also help exalt our lives.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. We see Life in the Present moment through the different experiences we have had in our lives. It is important to recognize that we are doing the best that we can within the realm of what we know. We can only overcome a problem from the level of Consciousness we have at the Present moment. But Consciousness continues to grow. One step takes us to the next, and one level of Consciousness will trigger the next one in a never-ending process. As we grow, we awaken to new realities of our own Being. We become more responsible for our own actions, and this sense of responsibility enables us to respond in better ways when a storm hits. Darkness gives us the opportunity to understand that what we are really aiming for is Light, a Life of Peace, Empathy, Compassion, and Love.

Drifting from the Present moment can cause us to lose focus in the real world; the world of illusion traps us again and again.

Our lives can be symbolized by a boat. Often we are afraid of the vast ocean of Life, afraid of facing the storm and its destruction. How many times have we felt that there was nothing more we could do, that we were drowning in weariness and pain? When we lose hope and faith we have lost our survival tools.

After we experience pain, tragedy, loss, and setbacks, we become more alive and often without realizing it, we take a step upwards toward the Light. In the painting of Life in this lesson, we see the Boat of Life destroyed. Its fragments float and the pieces drift apart, reminding us of the fragility of Life. We feel destroyed, empty, drifting in pieces. We doubt we can move forward. When we view the painting under the Invisible Light, then we see that the boat is still there, complete. We awaken to the Truth within us.

We know we are safe, our Spirit is complete…we Survive.

No test can really destroy us. The Soul, our Spirit, is Eternal.

– Jacqueline Ripstein is an internationally renowned artist who has inspired hundreds of thousands of people all over the world through her highly vibrational art, books, self-awareness seminars and workshops. Since childhood, her deepest desire has been to reveal the unseen dimensions that influence the course of people’s lives. Here amazing artwork–rendered in three different light wavelengths (normal, black light and a combination of both)–awakens people to the unconscious parts of themselves and the unseen world around them. Her art reveals the Light within and the Invisible dimensions that create one’s everyday life, and often inspires instantaneous healing, which has been scientifically documented. Her astonishing new book The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power and Awareness pairs 15 of her incredible images with life lessons that open the door to personal metamorphosis. For more information, go to