By Beth Maxwell

Posted Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 02:24pm EDT


I’ve always been fascinated by the inner workings of the human mind and the deep connection of arts ability to stir something within our very being.  If you have ever attended an art exhibit of any kind and had that sense of being drawn in by a particular piece until you felt as if you were experiencing a strange connection with the art and/or artist because of the emotions evoked by simply gazing upon their work.

I was very intrigued by this press release and thought I’d pass it along to you as well:

Imagine a book that opens a window on a hidden world that is the key to what is beyond what we see and know. An Invisible World revealed in front of your own eyes. Now imagine a book with astonishing images in three different wavelengths and light frequencies that illuminate your soul and createinstantaneous uplifting healing effects. Lastly, imagine a book that you can open to any page, and see the exact right message for you at that moment to provide guidance and wisdom.

 The Art of HealingArt carries forth the authors lifelong mission to reveal the hidden language of the Universe which conveys knowledge, wisdom and healing tools for those seeking a way to get beyond their three-dimensional suffering, anxiety and limitations…and to live life in full spectrum!

 Says Jacqueline Ripstein, “Only those that see the Invisible, can do the Impossible!”

 The Invisible Art & Light Technique© (first patented in 1986) embodies new forms of expressions that project images and higher vibrations of the dimensions beyond our physical existence–and all that exists in higher planes–into our physical reality. The color vibrations in the book connect to the human energy system, raising the frequency in the viewer and healing wounds known and unknown. The book is so powerful that people who see the unique patented paintings created using her Invisible Art & Light TechniqueÓ  or even just hold the book in their hands– demonstrate measurable transformation, according to leading scientists.

 “Meridian Stress Assessment is the process of testing points on the body, measuring the stress patterns on one hand of people. After taking the baseline readings with our subjects, we then had each person spend time viewing your art. After which we repeated the test on the same hand. The results were impressive. You art has a most definite calming, balancing and healing effect,” notes Dr.  Vaughn R. Cook, OMD, Digital Health, Biomeridian. 

 Ripstein’s acclaimed artwork offers three images of the same master artwork that are ostensibly the same, but each one appears radically different—one in natural or “normal” light, one seen under black light and the third view which combines both spectrums. Looking at each one, within seconds, the “inspiration factor” ignites the viewer’s soul connection,  providing a distinctively uplifting experience, guiding the viewer to revelations that are life-transforming.

 But it’s the Wow Factor that takes the reader by storm…an instant visceral response to the images and the words.  Notes Ripstein: “When the viewer is in front of my art there is a moment of INSPIRATION, an impact, as the energy and higher octave vibrations are automatically transmitted to his inner self and his/her vibration is raised, going beyond the barriers of the mind. Without realizing it, the viewer’s or reader’s right brain activates, opening an entry portal to the soul’s invisible dimensions. Each of my paintings acts as a mirror that reflects our souls and the true Inner Light reality within each of us.”

 The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power and Awareness, a unique transformational book that is an astonishing work on multiple levels—a tool for healing lives, a doorway for enlightenment and awakening, a revelation of the hidden world and messages around us, an oracle, a teaching tool of profound spiritual messages and a beautiful work of art. The messages from 15 of Jacqueline’s paintings are thoughtful and thought-provoking, offering clues to personal metamorphosis. During these changing times, this unique book becomes an essential tool to help discover one’s inner power and awareness, as we each prepare physically, emotionally and spiritually to deal with a New Era, an Awakening Humanity Arising.