1. When did you realize you were an artist?

Art has been my natural way of expressing myself. I always enjoyed creating. I’m self taught. It took me years to realize I was an artist, because I couldn’t separate the concept of being an artist and being «me.» I have always believed in Magic, since my dad gave me a wondrous wand when I four years old! Whenever I would sit and paint, it was as the magician was being awakened within me.

2. You are the first creator of Invisible Techniques in art ever…Why did you develop Invisible Art Techniques? And how do you perceive the Invisible in your art that you developed?

I dared cross the boundaries of the traditional art schools to create New Invisible Art Techniques© which I patented in 1986. My deepest desire has been to reveal the unseen dimensions and to offer a breath of hope to our humanity. To do this, I crossed the barriers from the Visible Dimensions to the Invisible Dimensions of Life, using color vibration as my guide. I have done this after years of research. I wanted to reveal our Inner Light and the Existence of the Light of Our Creator.

When I was a little girl, believing in magic, my wand and my brush transported me to the Invisible World.
I thank God for using me as an instrument to help reveal our inner light through my art and books. My mystical path through the arts, along with a powerful inside force, moved me constantly to research a way to portray this Invisible world. I was seeking a path unknown to the arts, a new expression that could convey the inner and outer worlds of a human being. The arts and creative path have guided me to those unseen places that are hiding from the human eye, into the hidden secrets of Life!

3. How does your inspiration come to you for each of your unique pieces?

Once a moment of inspiration triggers me–it could be a song, theater, a moment of reflection, a dream, or even talking to someone about the deep matters of life–my need to create manifests.

I always put on a candle, incense and high vibrational music. I prepare my canvas, and when I take my brush, it’s as if a magic wand ignited! My eyes start twitching, and then it’s as if I leave my body. I am no longer aware of what I’m creating. When I come back it could be moments or hours later. And when I look at the piece of art, I almost don’t believe I did it!

In the case of the book The Art of HealingArt, I could “hear” the dictation of the book. I found that each painting would take me to a different dimension, where messages were given related to the artwork.

I’m merely the tool, the brush the messenger–not the message.

I work for God, and I serve Humanity.

4. What prompted you to write this book?

A rare given gift was given to me during a time of a major health challenge—a time when I was also loaded down by life’s other tests–I realized that sickness could be turned into an enlightening opportunity.

For three years, I was forced to «listen only,» since I was unable to talk clearly. I learned that the constant chatter, stress and noise of life kept me away from my true self.

It all came on very suddenly. While taking for granted my health, one day–out of the blue–I just couldn’t talk well, my energy dropped, my life changed. My dad had died, but I felt I still had so much to tell him. I was dealing with old emotional wounds. But my unresolved pains and fears started taking over my life and my body. The doctors’ diagnosis after an MRI scan was that I had a brain tumor. This was in 2009.

This was not an easy situation to accept when all my life I had been so energetic. Sometimes life forces one to take paths that stray off the main roadway. These stray paths are often unexpected and difficult. But these challenging times are the ones that help «awaken us» to our True Essence. I tried to fight the sickness. My ego started crumbling, forcing me to face that I was not perfect, and could not solve it all on my own. It was not an easy process to accept. I had to deal with my concern about what people would say. Combating my fear that people would «judge» me when they heard me speak, just added more weight to my » sickness.» Some people were afraid to see me, thinking it could be «contagious.» Some thought I was drunk (when I barely drink alcohol.) Others were more compassionate towards my inability to communicate.

At that point I understood that the main communication had to be between God and me.

My ability to talk declined day by day. A shift, a transition happened, just as the caterpillar is guided to create its own process when it pupates. Slowly, I started being comfortable with change, turning over my energy. I began focusing away from sickness and instead toward my creative forces. I basically secluded myself.The sickness was leading me away from the noise of life. It took me a while to realize its embedded positive potential–for the first time in my life, I could find inner freedom!

I realized for the first time in my life that by not being able to speak fluently, I had a choice. I could learn to listen within the silence…

That’s when I started to write the book…The Art of HealingArt.

In those moments of vast silence, suddenly I started listening within the sacredness of silence…a voice…I heard a voice in my head which I knew was not me. That voice was dictating me this book. I was in awe! Sometimes I would say to this voice…»please not so quickly…» And I’m sure I lost a lot of the dictation. I learned to be Present. I became the observer of that voice, and my Soul was listening to it. The state of awareness really began for me.

As in the wondrous process by which a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly, sickness represented an opportunity for reconstruction, a way to revamp my life, to re-emerge.

Though adversity may place heavy strains on us, it is definitively a fundamental obstacle that we must overcome, to get to a place of true self-discovery.

5. Can art heal the mind body and spirit?

Art is an experience of the sublime, or the divine. It enriches our lives. And by inspiring us, it raises our being into higher states of vibration, connecting us with our inner divine force. This is the mission of art. It touches us so we can raise our inspirational level and awaken the forces of creativity and consciousness, creating Peace within us to unite the world. Only then, when we are able to manifest Peace within, will we be able to manifest Peace everywhere.

“Great works of art contain the essence of man and they convey that there is something more that cannot be seen with our eyes. They reveal the Invisible world. Every masterpiece has this quality of mystery.” JR©

6. How can your art and book be a healing tool and inspire people?

My art and book come from higher connections of my Soul.

When the viewer is seeing my art, or art images, or reading the messages in the book, there is a moment of INSPIRATION–an impact, as the energy and higher octave vibrations are automatically transmitted to one’s inner self and his/her vibration is raised, going beyond the barriers of the mind.

At this divine moment, many walls of fears accumulated throughout the years fall away, as a “BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT” healing takes place. All the organs of the body respond to these high vibrations (as documented in studies made by Dr. Vaughn Cook), a balanced state appears, and a sacred moment of communion in the body, mind and spirit takes place. This is what I call “Raising the Viewer from Earth to Heaven.”

Here’s a quote from the book: «IT IS VALUABLE TO FEEL PAIN. Pain nourishes your courage. It can weaken the ego, strengthen humility, and increase compassion. Pain is a human process that we should not fight against. It’s a lesson to let go of all attachments we may have. By living the experience of pain, we mature and move forward.»

7. What is the Invisible World? And how can we benefit with this knowledge?

As my paintings are born, they have a life of their own. They are powerful portals that bond the viewers into the Invisible World as they contact their spirit. Each painting reflects the mirror of their souls. My quest along my life journey has been to discover a new technique, a new way to reveal the truth. I do not reveal the Invisible World, the other way around; the Invisible World reveals to me the truth! And my responsibility is to transmit it to humanity!

The Invisible Art is no gimmick. It was given to me for a purpose: by encountering my art, you are guided to see within yourself. This is the gift that we all have a right to receive as we become aware of the Invisible Realities. This is the source of our true being… our thoughts and our feelings are created from this sacred space and manifested in the “visible dimension.”

As I say in The Art of HealingArt: «Thus, we can understand not only that invisible forces unite us and influence us, but that we vibrate and abide in multiple dimensions not perceived by the human senses. All these realities occur in the Invisible World, which parallels our physical, material, and visible realm. Everything that exists in this universe is energy, manifested from the most subtle realms of energetic structures to the densest realms of vibrating matter. In the material world this energy is condensed and trapped. It is all an illusion: we perceive material objects to be solid, and they are not. Science has taught us that all matter vibrates. The more it condenses, the slower its atoms vibrate.

“How should we understand this? It is important to appreciate that we are far more than what we see and believe ourselves to be. We have more skills than we can begin to imagine. And we need to learn to use these capabilities with utmost humility and purity of intention to co-create a world of Light and Peace….»

8. What is different and innovative about your book, The Art of HealingArt? And how is your book different from the other self-help books?

This book creates a bridge between heaven to Earth…by elevating us from our view of being merely physical bodies, raking us into a revealing journey–into the Invisible Realms from which life is being manifested– ascending and helping us reach our divine essence.

The Art of HealingArt merges two essential arts–literature and painting.

The mission of this book is to create an opening to consciousness using art as a powerful portal of inspiration, creating the “an A-ha” moment as the reader receives the messages within each lesson. Each lesson in this book reveals a specific key to our growth. Upon viewing the images and messages in each one, readers will recognize feelings of pain, anger, hatred, and low vibrational energies that have kept them anchored in their past. This recognition represents a unique opening moment that helps us unburden the pain we carry, as we free ourselves from the lowest emotions that drag us down. Images and words can trigger remembrance, in which a sudden flash of understanding appears, creating an “aha” moment that reveals the knowledge that is stored within our souls.

This book is a wakeup call, a motivational instrument, for an awakening humanity.

9. How can your book help heal people’s lives?

At some point in your life you have, at some completely random moment, stopped what you were doing and just thought…Who Am I?

Since the birth of time, there have existed many questions for which man has struggled to find the meaning. Life enigmas are still vast and unanswered. We, as mere mortals, have struggled to cope with the vastness of existence.

The book contains a certain level of energy. It affords the opportunity to align with electromagnetic frequencies known to enhance healing and health of body-mind-spirit. It opens a new possibility where art brings from the higher dimensional fields vibrational healing and wisdom, where each image opens its portal to a new gateway. As these images help us to connect to our life’s experiences and our soul, a new expansion occurs, revealing unknown Invisible dimensions where not only the art images dwell, but the dimensions where our soul exists. This experience adds another «grain» to the vast knowledge that humanity has discovered up to now, helping us escalate forward.

«A picture is worth a thousand words….»

We are all looking for answers to Life’s big questions that The Art of HealingArt reveals. The Invisible Dimensions provide lessons that inspire us to awaken to our inner wisdom, helping us to transcend and expand beyond limiting thoughts, beliefs, and habits. As we read this book, invisible forces are ignited within us, stimulating our self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.

The messages from these paintings are thoughtful and thought-provoking, offering clues to personal metamorphosis. The birth of a “new you” is critical to the birth of a New Humanity.

10. What does it mean to have a high vibrational frequency?

All in life is energy.

Since 1983 when I started immersing myself into what vibrations and frequencies were opening for me, I wanted to reveal the unseen, new portals of knowledge and experiences for others. Energies have multiple levels. Our thoughts, feelings and words connect to these levels, and if they are lower vibrations, the encounter and attraction will be in that same level. If they are higher frequencies, then our experiences are far more positive.

By putting our focus into higher vibrations, such as art and creativity, we manifest our dreams and desires. In the Renaissance time, the focus was on art and the results were “The Golden Era.” That kind of inspiration rekindles faith. Higher dimensions send their messages on the higher frequencies, and the lower dimensions communicate through the lower frequencies.

By humanity putting our energies into war, we manifest more anger war and pain. The resolution is to transmute our energies by focusing energy on higher frequencies — art, joy, creativity and inspiration. Thus, we foster the positive and high vibrations that result in peace, happiness, joy, aliveness and oneness for ourselves and mankind.

“The divine beings can only connect to us through higher frequencies.”

The Invisible forces are always available for us to use. These convert into a silent language of vibrations that are manifested in colors, sounds and music–a sacred and encoded language of the soul and of the universe. This is where art plays a big roll as a unique tool to help us disconnect from the lower vibrations and emotions, and connect us to the divine higher ones. How we live and choose is our responsibility.

11. What are the benefits of being in a high vibrational state?

It behooves us to understand how our minds work, and that all in life is vibrational energy.

By connecting to the silent language that is encoded within colors, sounds and the awareness of being ,we influence our thinking, acting and speaking. By reaching for the higher emotions, words and actions, a whole universe opens to give us the possibility of expansion– tapping into love and not hatred, peace and not war.

If we do not learn to control our minds, then we are giving away our freedom and our power.

12. You have hundreds of testimonials in your webpage…How does your art impact people?

When a person is viewing a piece of my art, they are viewing it through the eyes of their own life experience. They find in each image a reflection of that experience that in many cases has been «stored» to avoid the continuous pain it might trigger. But as you tap into then image and its vibration, therein is the opportunity for this memory or pain to be cleared. That’s the magic within art and its hidden therapeutic healing purpose.

I have had many experiences with adults, children, sick or distressed people, that has been astonishing even to me. To see their reaction towards a piece of my art amazes me. In any one of my gallery shows, you will see a man or woman with tears in their eyes…

My art becomes the Mirror of their Souls. Many of those tears do not arise from pain, but from the longing for “Home”– the loving home where the soul nests.

And then when you add the wow factor, where the Invisible Techniques are ignited, a moment of awakening happens. The hidden surprise factor is a result of the ability of this art to release the left brain control over our reality. It looses its power, and instantly, the high vibration emanating from the art ignites the awakening of our right brain–the brain that is the connector to our creative forces, and the entry to our soul.

13. Several scientific testimonials have been given to show that your art contains very high vibrations that can help heal people and aid in raising consciousness… Can you please explain this?

Art has never been a separate entity from science. It dwells in unknown energy dimensions. When the art is done with pure intent, then the body becomes the instrument of the soul, and the visible and invisible dimensions merge into its true oneness.

I’ve had several scientists test viewers of my art and the results were amazing, including the following summations:

“Jacqueline Ripstein’s enlightened message through art is the universal information to calm the current explosive turmoil of people around the world.” –Dr. Valerie V. Hunt, Scientist, Author, and Professor Emeritus, UCLA.

“The effect of Jacqueline’s art on each person was different (as reflected in the readings). The results were impressive. Her art has a most definite calming, balancing, and healing effect.” — Dr. Vaughn R. Cook, OMD, President, Digital Health Corp.

“Jacqueline has discovered the logic within the Harmonic Oscillators that allows the decoding of all information that flows from the Universe into us through our senses. Our perception expands. When we contemplate Jacqueline’s art, it may seem as if time stops.”–Rafael Lopez Guerrero, scientist, president and founder of FET (Foundatión EticoTaku for Innovation.)

14. How can your book and its lessons be used as an oracle and a guide to help people who are in pain, stress or anger?

An oracle has been considered as a source of wise counsel or prophetic opinions, a wise statement or prediction. Oracles are a means of divination, a connection between our soul and its divine source. Throughout history they have been used to answers profound life questions.

I believe that when we ask a question that comes from our deepest desire to solve a life test, or to get help moving beyond the trap of suffering, anger or resentment. In that same moment, the question is posed to the book and the answer arises, offering sometimes practical and sometimes mysterious solutions to life’s questions.

I have seen it many times, and people have told me their amazement when this happens. I also know that when we are asking a question that is not powerful enough, nor specifically addressing the true cause of our suffering, the book’s energy will dig deeper to answer the true energy blockage that we need to confront.

This proves that there is a Life-Code hidden within our Invisible World!

In this book, each lesson is revealed and learned through the works of art and its hidden messages. Each message is a step toward the revelation of our own truth, toward our enlightenment. Each image captures different dimensions of reality. It contains a silent language that vibrates directly to our soul, awakening in us states of inspiration and awareness.

The book that you have right now in your hands radiates high, scintillating energies. Its purpose is to inspire, rouse, and motivate–to infuse our lives with joyous anticipation, to shower us with light, and to lift us over any darkness that may be anchoring our lives – whether that is pain, anger, guilt, fear, resentment, sorrow, jealousy, grief, or low self-esteem.

15. Can you describe one of the lessons in the book, and how it is illustrated in the art?

Lesson XIII ETERNAL LOVE, From the painting Eternal Love©

From the book:

«This painting reveals to us that Love is the Supreme Lesson of life; without love a human existence is empty. The mastery of life is to find that love within ourselves, and then share it with all humans, animals, and all life upon planet Earth. Love has many levels. As we expand our love of self, our capacity to love others grows. As we love others, our capability to Love expands. As we practice service and Compassion, we connect to the deeper vibrations of pure unconditional Love. Love is the highest emotion and the highest state. As we learn how lack of Love brings to us insecurity, fears, and an unhealthy and unbalanced state of being, we can then shift our lives to a balanced, harmonic, peaceful existence. Love is the reflection of God within each of us…»

«What is the purpose of painful experiences? The answer is to comprehensively teach, inspire, and empower us toward self-realization as spiritual beings so that we can shine our Light.»

‘The energy of Love is Life itself.»

16. Who is your intended audience? Who can benefit most by reading The Art of HealingArt?

People who are looking to manifest their lives with peace and love. Awakened people can be inspired to higher levels of consciousness. This book is an important tool to help awaken people–young and old, adult men and woman.

In these changing times, people need to know how to cope with the new vibrations. This is a step-by-step guide.

17. Why is your book considered to be an «alive instrumental» book?

Each image speaks through an energy silent language. As the reader reads the wisdom within the book, recognition happens. People will recognize and accept many truths. This recognition is done by one’s own soul-wisdom. The book’s energy then becomes a stimulation to help awaken the inner power within the reader.
It helps opens the heart center, which leads to love for oneself and others. It increases your vibratory rate by working at the cellular and sub-atomic level. It’s a powerful tool to align our life, a connector between heaven to Earth, between your soul and your physical reality.

18. What is your life’s mission?

My art and book are part of a larger spiritual movement that is here to feed the spiritual needs of the world. It serves the higher purpose of unity and healing.

I have eagerly waited for this New Era. My mission now is to help bring down heaven to Earth, to reveal the Invisible World to humanity–as a means to help distressed humanity which is today facing one the roughest times in human history—enduring a potential collapse on multiple levels.

When people have an instant of inspiration, faith, love and peace are activated.

My life’s purpose has been to help raise consciousness, to inspire and to transform people’s lives.

19. What is your role in the International Association of Educators for World Peace at the UN?

I have been presenting Peace Proposals worldwide, based on the proposal to use the arts and our creative forces as an instrument for world peace.

My wish is that this book’s inspirational messages and art will aid men and women to reunite with their higher selves, manifesting the light of the creator through every action. Together, we can create harmony among all people, while respecting and restoring balance with Mother Earth and the universe. May the light of the creator shine through our every thought, word, and deed, and may we leave a legacy to our children and their children as we give birth to a world of peace and love.

20. What important international events have you been invited to give your Peace Proposal, using the arts as an instrument for world peace?

Many global events. I was:

Invited by the government to participate in the “Sefarad” events in Toledo, Spain (1992-’94)
Commissioned to paint Our Lady of the Universe for Medjugorje, Croatia, to support widows and orphans of war (1996)
Chosen to open the “Millennium Peace Day” in 2000 at the United Nations in New York, alongside Mrs. Nane Annan; leading a workshop for over 450 children, encouraging their messages of Peace to the World

Invited by the government of China to celebrate the 9/21/2012 International Day of Peace. Participation in the first Linzhou Art Exhibition and a Gliding Opening Gala at the Taihang Canyon Peach Blossom Valley, including a Ceremony of Friendship and Peace, with more than 3,500 people in attendance, where I was asked to be one of the representatives to close the ceremony using the peace water and bells. I was one of keynote speakers at the International Friendship Peace Forum, delivering a “Proposal to Use the Arts as an Instrument for World Peace.”
Invited to Hyderabad, India, where I was one of the keynote speakers at the First Parliament on Spirituality, in December 21, 2012.

21. What is the role of the arts for this new era of advanced consciousness?

The Era of Aquarius is the time to manifest our spiritual being, a time that will take us to our ultimate calling.
The color that represents it is the violet color, and the techniques I’ve developed since 1986 are meant to be an instrument to help us ascend through the Violet Ray.

Art for me is an energetic expression of life, each painting vibrates and it is an alive energy system. The atoms within a piece of art are constantly vibrating and emanating to us a silent language that speakl directly to our souls.

The arts unite human beings, leaving all boundaries behind. They are a strong instrument to help people release suffering and other low emotions, and raise them to their divine essence.

22. How can people find your book?

My book is on Amazon, iTunes, and at www.theartofhealingart.com.

23. How did you discover that your art was a portal of the Invisible Dimensions, bringing forth the ability to help people heal their lives?

Throughout my 37 years as an artist, I have discovered that in moments of high inspiration, I am transported to invisible and rarified dimensions where all that exists has already been created. Since 1982, I have called this dimension The Zero Point. This is the space where all co-creation within the universe happens, where–through inspiration–I perceive and see my artwork before I have physically created it. Many times, I am given the written message before I perceive the image. Sometimes I paint what I see in my vivid dreams. Each painting then becomes my teacher, as it reveals to me the specific energy it taps into, unveiling a life lesson contained within that vibration. One thing is clear to me: I am not the one who creates; I am merely the instrument of the creator.

24. How can we get more information about the kinds of talks, workshops, and shows that you do?

You can contact me through my websites www.TheArtofHealingArt.com and www.JacquelineRipstein.com or
via Facebook at www.facebook.com/artistjacquelineripstein.