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Jacqueline Ripstein es una artista mexicana que ha buscado sanar a través de sus pinturas

Entrevista con Ismael Cala- CNN en Español

Jacqueline Ripstein on The Dr. Pat Show

Jacqueline Ripstein on The Dr. Pat Show from Pat Baccili on Vimeo.

Remarkable Invisible Art & Light Technique With the Vibrational Power to Heal with Jacqueline Ripstein, and Krystalya

Krystalya’s special guest, Jacqueline Ripstein, will be talking about her Remarkable Invisible Art & Light Technique which Inveighs Images in Multiple Wavelengths With the Vibrational Power to Heal Instantaneously – Documented by Researchers!
To learn more about Jacqueline Ripstein, you can visit The Art of Healing Art
In addition, Krystalya will be sharing her thoughts and insights about how a blockage in your energy field and feeling unsupported may be the causing of this health challenge. Also, be sure to call in for a Free Energy Reading!
Be sure to call in during the last half hour of the show when Krystalya will be offering body scan energy readings and answers to your most important questions.

The Art of Healing Art – Awakenings Radio Show

Born in Mexico and self-taught, Jacqueline won a national diploma at age 12 in a Prismacolor competition, setting off what would become a singular career as a pioneer in healing art. A unique creative who has dared cross the boundaries of the traditional art schools to create new techniques in the world of art, Jacqueline’s mystical journey and insatiable search for the Divine Light guided her to patent The Invisible Art & Light Technique© in 1986, a gift to humanity, a unique revelation, an encounter with the spiritual world through her art.


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 Host: Dr. Pat Baccili 

The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power
and Awareness with
Author Jacqueline Ripstein


Dr. James Joseph Interview

The I AM Well Show with Guest Jaqueline Ripstein

New Spirituality Podcasts with Radio by Renford on BlogTalkRadio

Jaqueline Ripstein. : How can a book and its lessons be used as an oracle and a guide to help people who are in pain, stress or anger? Join us with Guest Jaqueline Ripstein to unveil the secrets !




Keys to Power and Awareness with Jacqueline Ripstein

Current Moms and Family Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with FMMK Talk Radio on BlogTalkRadio
Looking for a unique transformational book that opens a window to one’s inner power and awareness?

Award-winning artist and art healing pioneer Jacqueline Ripstein’s remarkable one-of-a-kind book, The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power and Awareness, delivers an astonishing work on multiple levels. The book offers tool for healing lives, a doorway for enlightenment and awakening, a revelation of the hidden world and messages around us, an oracle, a teaching tool of profound spiritual messages and a beautiful work of art.

Join Jacqueline Ripstein and me on Tuesday, April 1, 10-11 A.M. CT US as we discuss clues to personal metamorphosis that will strengthen our physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

The Healing Power of Invisible Art with Jacqueline Ripstein (S3E9)

New Spirituality Podcasts with Angelic Light Stream on BlogTalkRadio

ON THIS EPISODE: Tonight Stephanie Lodge is joined by renowned artist and author Jacqueline Ripstein, who will introduce us to the power of «HealingArt,» and invisible light art technique that she pioneered in the early ’80’s, making her a worldwide sensation.  Her art when seen under a black light reveals a hidden frequency of healing that many have had profound activations from.  She’ll discuss how she discovered her talent and how her new book «The Art of HealingArt» is a lesson of self-discovery back to the love and light we truly are. Visit her website to learn more.


This is “Angels in the Buff”, an engaging talk show hour filled with the wisdom and laughter of Stephanie Lodge, who considers herself an Angelologist or ‘spiritual scientist’ connected to the «Universal Intelligence of Source Love» – what she defines Angelic as.  This gives her a unique perspective as she investigates the evolution of universal awareness through her interviews with top authors, healers and teachers in spirituality and wellness today.

Produced and Hosted by Stephanie Lodge.

Music and voiceover: Jason Michael Henson.